E-mail Marketing

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Pricing and Packages

  • 0 - 1,000 subscribers & send up to 6000 emails per month- £10 pcm
  • 501 - 1000 subscribers & unlimited emails per month- £25 pcm
  • 1001 - 2500 subscribers & unlimited emails per month- £45 pcm

E-mail marketing is a form of direct marketing which uses e-mail as a means of reaching your customers with advertising messages, and by sending e-mails you will enhance the relationship between you and your customers, in order to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business, and will also help in acquiring new customers or even convincing current customers to purchase something immediately.

    E-mail marketing is an ideal & powerful tool for several reasons:

  • Unlike postal mail, e-mail messages can be tracked resulting in exact feedback to compare against the amount spent on marketing.
  • E-mail marketing is often reported as one of the most effective online marketing tactics.
  • Business's can reach substantial numbers of e-mail subscribers who have opted in and consented to receive e-mail on subjects or special offers of interest to them.
  • Over half of Internet users check or send e-mails every day.
  • E-mail marketing use rose an estimated 15% in 2009 to £292m in the UK alone.
  • You can reach out to your customers with personalised, relevant, or interactive messages.
  • E-mails in and out can be fully automated which allow business's to respond immediately to important events like purchases, or even time delayed to pop into your customer's inbox at certain times of the day.

Do you know any other tool as economical and efficient as emailing, with so many advantages as well as actually intergrating and enhancing your website. E-mail marketing is a proven method of driving traffic to your site with the overall benefit of increasing your sales and promoting your business. Sign up to one of our packages today and try it for yourself.